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•  Competitive pricing structures to suite your requirements
•  Excellent customer’s expectations by understanding their business
•  Providing competitive technology and innovation
•  Providing first class service being customer centric focused
•  To serve our Clients with pride and dignity to the best of our ability
•  Make a difference in our community
•  Constantly strive for 100% service level and create job opportunities to our youth


Our mission is to become an efficient and effective black empowered company,
offering our clients the ultimate satisfactory service, economically viable and
competitive prices yet never compromising on our service. Commitment, loyalty and
integrity are the core values that helps us realize our mission and build key
relationships with our clients.


•  Proving excellent, quality and friendly service according to our client’s requirements
•  Value for money
•  Respecting our clients
•  Being accountable/responsible/liable to all our work
•  Work as a team for better results
•  Developing trust to our clients
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QuicknsureTech Internet Cafe is a well-established Black empowered company founded by Mr Godfrey, Godfrey has more than 15 years in IT industry, he also worked as a Cellphone Technician for more than 5 companies in South Africa and overseas including 2 cellphone network operators before starting his own business, his involvement at QuicknsureTech is that of the Managing Director, Operational and strategic planning, controlling and overall Management of the Company.